Our Leadership Insights

We were delighted by the level of interest and participation from our clients.  715 leaders participated in research that culminated in 13,000 comments on a diverse set of topics related to the current business landscape and key leadership and organisational implications.

The Leadership Insights Executive Summary provides a high-level overview of the key findings and related verbatim comments that emerged across a broad range of topics incorporated in the research, including:

  • The key shifts in the external environment and the related impact on organisations and leaders

  • The primary challenges organisations are facing and feeling least equipped to deal with

  • The key leadership requirements that are emerging as a result of key changes and challenges occurring internal and external to organisations, including leadership skills, competencies and personal traits

  • Key factors related to attracting and retaining talent

  • Personal definitions of leadership potential to support the identification of leaders with potential

  • Typical leadership derailers that undermine leadership potential and impact, so organistions can pre-empt key talent from falling prey to an Achilles Heel or common derailers

  • Input regarding the most impactful support organisations can provide to develop their top talent

This is the first paper in our Leadership Insights Series, which provides an overview on the key findings of our survey.  If you would like a copy of the full document, please use the contact form below.

Executive Summary