How we Coach, Consult and Collaborate

At Thrive Advisory, we customise all of our program designs with the client, so they get the most out of their Coaching.  Our Executive Coaches, facilitators and consultants will be matched with each individual leader so a rapport and relationship can be built.

  • Meet key client to understand context and needs

  • Interview CEO, Board, business and HR stakeholders to understand internal & external context and leadership needs

  • Co-create bespoke approach to fit needs of individuals, groups and/or systems

Discovery & Design
  • Gather data on individual leaders, team or organisational systems using:

    • Bespoke interviews​

    • Customised surveys

    • Tailored psychometrics

    • 360 degree feedback

Data Gathering
  • Track progress and metrics and provide continuous feedback via Thrive Commit app

  • Check against program objectives

  • Make practical recommendations for changes in approach

  • Support key decisions and implementation of recommendations

Impact Assessment
  • Provide feedback to increase awareness and acceptance

  • Gain commitment through development plan

  • Design and deliver learning interventions - offsites, programs

  • Provide relevant support (e.g; coaching and/or mentoring)

Feedback and Development